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" Captain Ed and Eli did a great job. We had lots of fun and caught lots of fish and even saw plenty of sunning seals. Great day! " John and Jack

" Ed and Eli, Thank you both for a great day! You definitely added some great memories for our family vacation. We look forward to fishing with you again. Maybe next time, we will see the "Great White One"! Zorro, you are a great fileter. Thanks for letting me fell the teeth! " Monica, Steve & family

" Ed and Eli, Thanks for a great day. My daughter Stephanie didn't know one end of the pole from the other, but by the end of the day, she caught all the fish! Can't wait till next year to sling some eels. Thanks again. " Steve

" Dear Ed and Eli, Thank you both SO much for a fantastic time. I can't believe I caught the most fish. We will be looking for you next year when we come back. Thanks again for one of the best times I've had in a while. " Stephanie

" Ed and Eli, How fortunate to find you both with your comfortable boat for a great catch! The combo of great weather, good spirit and knowledgeable captain and crew is hard to beat. I loved listening to all of Ed's great tips. The crowd is gathering at the dock to admire our catch. Many thanks for an awesome day!" Joan Fresher

" A perfect day to fish and enjoy the waters of the Vineyard and Chappy. Thank you for the wonderful time we had, catching more fish than we ever dreamed of and seeing Seal Island - a great memory. Warn the fish... Eli and Ed are coming! " Brain Fresher

" Captain Ed, Today was the best way to spend my 13th birthday. Saw an incredible sea turtle, all the seals and caught so many fish!!! Thanks for a great day and one of my best birthdays. " Donald Bedell

" Ed and Eli: Great Day!! Monster Blue and Bonito! Thanks for the tips. One of the best days we've ever had on MV! Beautiful boat and awesome crew. Thanks again for a great day. " Rich Moller

" Ed and Eli, I've been on many charters, but have never had a captain and mate as pleasant, funny and knowledgeable. You guys are true professionals and an absolute pleasure to fish with. I especially appreciated the numerous tips re: the rips and especially Eli's impromptu knot tying clinic! Thanks for everything but especially helping Rich finally get his first bonito and me my largest monster blue. We'll make this an annual part of our MV experience. " Bill Ricigliano

" Ed, What a great find - beautiful ship, beautiful day, amiable company. We can't thank you enough for the cruise and look forward to the next time. All the best, " Terry, Steve, Penny, Peter, Carolyn, Mike, Rebecca, Jon & Gloria

" Dear Ed, Thank you for a magical evening on 'The Wayfarer'. When you come to D.C. we will have to share some great wine together. All the best, " Dennis and Bev

" Ed, It was a fabulous day! I pulled in a 15lb striper. Biggest fish I've ever caught by five pounds - Awesome! Emily, Harry and I did it together. A real family effort! Phil and Julie pulled in a 25 pounder - Yahoo! " Robin, Harry, Emily, Phil & Julie

" Ed, I'm cooking tonight - Thank God I caught fish!! Thanks for a great day out. Next year I'll remember to have a derby button BEFORE I go out and catch the biggest fish not eligible to be weighed! " Tom Kent

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